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As a licensed social worker in Chicago or Illinois, you have worked hard to go to graduate school and then meet all the qualifications that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (“IDFPR”) requires.  Now that you are licensed, you must comply with all of the provisions and rules of the Illinois Clinical Social Work and Social Work Practice Act. These requirements are taken seriously since social workers often directly impact vulnerable people, including children and those living in poverty. 

Once you have your license, there is no guarantee that you will keep it forever. IDFPR regularly takes disciplinary action against social workers for a variety of reasons, including allegations of misconduct or violations of the law or more administrative matters such as not paying taxes or failing to meet continuing education requirements. Losing your license means you will no longer be able to work in your chosen profession of helping others. 

If you believe that your social work license might be suspended or revoked, you need an experienced Chicago social worker license attorney on your side immediately. 1818 – An Advocacy Group helps clients in this situation, so please contact our office right away.

Reasons for IDFPR Action Regarding Your Social Work License

IDFPR has significant discretion when it comes to social work licensing across Illinois. Officials can decide to investigate the actions of social workers and possibly take disciplinary action for many different reasons, such as: 

  • Noncompliance with ethical rules for social work
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Falsifying records or failing to keep complete and accurate records
  • Negligence in your practice
  • Criminal convictions, which might include DUI convictions
  • Disciplinary action by another state regarding your social work license
  • Substance abuse that interferes with your ability to properly practice
  • Sexual assault or other sexual misconduct
  • Financial irresponsibility
  • Physical or mental impairments that do not allow you to practice properly

A violation of one of the above actions or other actions may lead officials to suspend your license or even revoke it; in either case, your income and career are in jeopardy.

Providing License Defense Representation

IDFPR will notify you if there are concerns about your conduct or your license, and you should take immediate action by calling an experienced Chicago social worker license attorney. With your license at state, you should strongly consider retaining an attorney.  Even a casual conversation with IDFPR may result in you unintentionally say something to the investigator that is improper, and that can result in the loss of your license. 

At the law firm of 1818, we handle every communication with officials on your behalf, as well as every step of the license defense process. This can include:

  • Speaking with investigators and case managers
  • Drafting letters of explanations
  • Gathering and providing records in support of your defense
  • Requesting and representing you at IDFPR hearings
  • Fighting against unnecessarily harsh disciplinary measures

Contact a Chicago Social Worker License Attorney for More Information

If your license is in jeopardy, it is essential that you take swift action to protect it by enlisting the help of a Chicago license defense attorney. Contact 1818 – An Advocacy Group to discuss how we can help today. 

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