Cook County IDFPR Defense Attorney

Cook County IDFPR Defense Attorney

Many professionals rely on state licensure to work in their chosen professions, and obtaining professional licenses is not always an easy task. Some people have their applications denied by the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). In addition, once you have a license, it can be suspended or revoked by the IDFPR if authorities believe that you did not comply with state regulations or are not capable of performing your job in an ethical manner. 

If your license is in jeopardy, you should not wait to contact a Cook County IDFPR defense attorney. Your livelihood is on the line, so you never want to fight this fight without the right legal assistance. Contact 1818 – An Advocacy Group right away. 

Overview of the IDFPR Process

Whether you work as a nurse, certified public accountant, dietician, surgeon, or in any other regulated profession, your license can always be taken away for certain reasons. When the IDFPR receives reports or complaints of possible issues, it will work to determine what disciplinary action – if any – is needed. The following is a brief overview of what you might experience in this situation, though each situation is unique.

Complaint Filed

Most investigations by the IDFPR start with a consumer or another professional filing a complaint. If you know a client is unhappy, make sure to take the steps needed to prevent a complaint whenever possible.

Investigating the Matter

An investigator from the IDFPR should contact you, and you should then immediately contact a license defense attorney. Your attorney can work with the investigator to respond to inquiries and provide information that supports your continued licensure. If you try to handle the investigation yourself, it is all too easy to say or do the wrong thing and make the situation worse. 

Informal Conference

While the IDFPR might call this an informal conference, it is much more serious than you might imagine. The result of these conferences can be continued licensure or possible suspension. You want a lawyer there fighting for a positive result for you. 

Possible Settlement

Like most adversarial legal matters, IDFPR cases might end in a settlement agreement. This can include an agreement for lesser disciplinary measures in exchange for letting you keep your license. An experienced IDFPR attorney will know how to negotiate for the most favorable settlement in your situation. 

Formal Hearing

Some cases do not settle and must proceed to a formal hearing in front of an administrative law judge or hearing officers. This is a formal legal proceeding that can have dire consequences, and that should be taken extremely seriously. The decision by the ALJ or officer could deprive you of your license, leading to the need for a possible appeal. 

Contact a Cook County IDFPR Defense Attorney

Facing the possible loss of a professional license is a serious matter that can impact your entire future. Never risk unnecessarily losing your license by facing the IDFPR alone. Instead, seek help from a Cook County IDFPR defense attorney from 1818 – An Advocacy Group. Contact us for assistance today.

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