Cook County Pharmacy License Lawyer

Cook County Pharmacy License Lawyer

Pharmacy can be a lucrative and rewarding career, and it takes hard work, dedication, and often hefty tuition payments to get through the required schooling and obtain the necessary license. Pharmacists have a lot of responsibility, as dispensing the wrong prescription or other errors can cause serious harm – or even death – to patients. For this reason, pharmacy licensing is taken very seriously by the state. 

If you are facing obstacles obtaining your pharmacy license or believe your license is in jeopardy, you want the assistance of a highly experienced Cook County pharmacy license lawyer. The legal team at 1818 – An Advocacy Group are experts in professional licensing, so please contact our office directly to learn how we can help you.

Pharmacy Licensing Regulations

The State of Illinois takes a strong interest in pharmacist and pharmacist technician licensing. There are several administrative regulations and statutes, such as the Illinois Practice Pharmacy Act, that apply to the practice of pharmacy, including those regarding necessary licensing. 

Some regulated matters relating to pharmacy include the following:

  • The standards of care and scope of pharmacy practice
  • Education standards and requirements
  • Potential disciplinary action for pharmacists or technicians who violate the standard of care, regulations, or other laws

Potential Pharmacy Licensing Issues

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is in charge of most professional licensing in our state, and the Illinois Board of Pharmacy is part of the IDFPR focusing on pharmacy-related licensing. The Board of Pharmacy must find that you meet specific requirements to permit you to practice pharmacy in Illinois, and this includes for:

  • Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Registered Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy, Controlled Substances

If you are having difficulty obtaining your license due to issues the Board of Pharmacy found with your application or background, you should contact the right attorney for help immediately. We can demonstrate to the Board how you meet the requirements for your license. 

Once you have your license, there are many reasons why the Board of Pharmacy might investigate you and potentially seek to suspend or revoke your license. Some examples are as follows:

  • False information, material misstatements, or fraud to obtain a license or in response to IDFPR questioning
  • Behavior that indicates you may be unfit or incompetent to practice
  • Conduct considered to be unethical, dishonorable, unprofessional, or harmful to the public
  • Having licensing issues in another state
  • Selling drug samples that should be free
  • Giving drugs without a proper prescription
  • Excessive overcharging
  • Not practicing good faith in practice
  • Disclosing confidential health information
  • Making false records
  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol
  • Mental or physical illness or injury that may impede your ability to practice
  • Felony or certain misdemeanor convictions

If you are under investigation for any type of alleged misconduct that could hurt your license, you need aggressive license defense as soon as possible.

Contact a Cook County Pharmacy License Lawyer for the Help You Need

Trying to defend your own license is a mistake, and can often lead to the loss of your pharmacy license. You need professional representation from 1818 – An Advocacy Group. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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