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Real estate is a great profession that can be flexible, lucrative, and provides the opportunity for many people to be self-employed, as well. Not just anyone can launch a real estate business whenever they want, however, as the Illinois Real Estate License Act sets out licensing requirements and standards for real estate professionals. Once you are licensed, you must comply with numerous administrative rules and regulations to maintain your practice. 

There are many situations in which people can be denied a real estate license or have a current license be put in jeopardy by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). If you need assistance with any IDFPR licensing issues, contact a Cook County real estate license defense lawyer as soon as possible. Find out how our team at 1818 – An Advocacy Group can help.

Getting Your Illinois Real Estate License

Many people working in the real estate industry must meet the criteria and pass an examination to obtain a license before they can work in this profession. Licenses include the following and more:

  • Branch offices
  • Brokers and managing brokers
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • LLCs
  • Leasing agents
  • Instructors and schools

In order to protect the interests of the public, the State of Illinois requires that professionals prove their knowledge of real estate laws and standards and obtain a license. The IDFPR might question certain real estate license applications due to information found in a background check or provided by the applicant. Past issues should not always prevent you from working in real estate, and our licensing attorney can help represent you to the IDFPR and demonstrate that you deserve to obtain your license. 

Defending Your Real Estate License

There are different reasons why your real estate license might be suspended or revoked by the IDFPR. Some reasons include:

  • Criminal convictions or administrative sanctions
  • Misrepresentation or fraud used to obtain your real estate license
  • Misleading or inaccurate advertisements
  • Mental or physical conditions that prevent you from practicing
  • Practicing without a license
  • Conflicts of interests without proper notice
  • Problems with escrow account management
  • False promises
  • Disciplinary action by another state regarding your real estate license
  • Unethical, unprofessional, or otherwise potentially harmful conduct to the public
  • Dishonest dealing
  • Discriminatory acts or violations of human rights laws
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Other violations of law or regulations

If you are accused of anything that might cause you to lose your license, you want the right legal assistance immediately to ensure you can keep working as a real estate professional.

Contact a Cook County Real Estate License Defense Lawyer for Assistance Right Away

1818 – An Advocacy Group is ready to help you obtain your real estate license or defend against the possible loss of your license. You should never risk unnecessarily losing your ability to work in your chosen profession. Do not wait to contact us to learn more about how a Cook County real estate license defense lawyer can help in your situation. 

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