Government agencies have been providing access to government contracts to Minority-Owned Businesses..but who is an MBE

By Jordan Matyas Federal, state, and local government agencies provide access to government contracts to MBE’s, Minority-Owned Business Enterprises to encourage these businesses to bid on government contracts. MBE’s are owned by traditionally so…
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When does a Doctor have a Duty to Turn in Another Doctor under Illinois Law?

The Illinois State Medical Society has a Code of Ethics for its physician members.  ISMS makes it clear that their Code is not a law, but a standard developed to serve the best interest of patients.  The Code begins by cautioning physicians that t…
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Unlocked Files Subject to FOIA

Bids for Government Contracts Are Subject to FOIA

Bids for government contracts are subject to FOIA under Illinois and federal law. Because your competitors therefore can use FOIA requests to get access to your bid proposals, it is critical to know what proprietary information you can — and can…
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Residency Requirements for a City Job — Lessons of Thomas v. Chicago Transit Authority

Are residency requirements for jobs with cities and local agencies enforceable?  How do you prove residency? Intent to establish permanent residency is key!
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Gavel on Desk of Hearing Officer

Hearing Officers, Administrative Law Judges, and Judges – What is the Difference?

Generally, people go to courts to seek justice and remedy for wrongs. Does it really matter who presides over and adjudicates your disputes? The answer is yes.  Everything from the procedural rules, rules of conduct, rules about what can be admitted…
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Responsible Bidder Provision

Violating Responsible Bidder Provision Jeopardizes Chances of Doing Business with the State In R.L. Brink v. Schneider, the Illinois Appellate Court determined that the Illinois Department of Transportation was justified in imposing a two-year suspen…
Chained Car Being Towed for Impound

A Non-Home-Rule Municipality Must Have an Explicit Statutory Grant of Authority to Impound a Vehicle in Illinois

In Hayenga v. City of Rockford, the Illinois Appellate Court addressed a city’s authority to impound a vehicle in Illinois. In concluding that the city could not lawfully impound the vehicle, the Court relied on the distinction between home rul…
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What is an IDFPR Informal Conference (How informal is it?)

If you are licensed by IDFPR and receive a notice of an “informal conference,” STOP and digest this next sentence before proceeding: An IDFPR informal conference is not at all informal. It can result in very serious ramifications to your licen…
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Government Vendor Contract Award Puzzle Pieces

6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Government Vendor

RFI, RFQ, DBE, MBE… so many acronyms, plus lengthy and confusing documents. Why bother? You should be interested in working with governments because it is good work and you’ll almost always be paid on time. Whether it is a village, county, state,…
Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicures in Illinois (Are They Legal?)

Currently, fish pedicures are illegal in the State of Illinois for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being that fish pedicures are not actually pedicures. Some lawyers, doctors, and regulators would stop there. But to really understand why the p…

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