National Practitioner Data Bank and Illinois Licensees

The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) is a web-based repository. IDFPR cooperates with the NPDB to collect and report information. IDFPR disciplinary actions and medical malpractice payment reports are provided to the NPDB.

Purchasers of Tobacco Products in Illinois now must be 21 years old.

Illinois joins a growing list of states and municipalities adopting "Tobacco 21" policies that focus on ensuring that young adults do not become addicted at such an early age.

Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) and Underage Stings

ILCC staff and underage students visit liquor stores, restaurants, and bars in different communities around the state and attempt to persuade the employees to sell them alcohol.

Can Nurses Refuse to Cooperate in a Fitness for Duty Test

“fitness for duty” has come to stand for a range of potential physical and mental health concerns, from sleep deprivation to substance abuse to depression and decline in cognitive function.

New Tax Code Will Affect Business Tax Deduction for Government-issued Fines 

By, Jordan Matyas, Counsel at 1818 Donna Hartl, Partner at Golan Christie Taglia LLP   The Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 (“TCJA”) changed dozens of Federal tax laws that directly affect businesses. One of these changes the ability of…

Liquor Infusions – Yes There is an Illinois Law

Illinois law clearly distinguishes a liquor infusion from pre-mixes, such as those for a margarita. While mixed drinks and pre-mixes are intended for immediate consumption, infusions are not.
Categories: Administrative Law

Illinois Happy Hour Law

Until just a few years ago, Chicagoans looking to enjoy happy hour specials would have been disappointed. Prior to July 2015, Illinois establishments serving alcohol were not allowed to offer drinks at reduced prices for a portion of the day.

Pseudonyms and Collection Agencies in Illinois

In Illinois, debt collectors are subject to both federal law and the Illinois Collection Agency Act of 2001, which differs from the federal requirements in some ways.

Illinois Roofing Contractor Licensure Facts

According to the Illinois Attorney General, their office receives thousands of complaints every year from homeowners involved in a dispute with a home repair contractor. As an example, in 2005 storms caused extensive damage to several neighborhoods i…

Illinois Trends in Prescribing and Enforcement: When May Doctors Prescribe the Diet Drug Phentermine?

According to Illinois law, phentermine is a Schedule IV drug, but until recently, and unlike opioids or other, more deadly controlled substances, improper phentermine use has largely flown under the radar of regulators.

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